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06448 Topic: see directions below Number of Pages: 2 (Double Spaced) Number of sources: 3 Writing Style: APA Type of document: Coursework Academic Level:Undergraduate Category: Nursing Language Style: English (U.S.) Order Instructions: ATTACHED Consider the following scenario: You are a Nurse Manager on a Medical Surgical unit and your organization has recently decided to change intravenous (IV) pump providers. The new IV pump is new to you and most of the nurses in the facility. The nurses have completed some online training for using the new IV pumps, and have had some time with the Education Department to practice. The new IV pumps are being delivered to your unit on Monday of next week. Given this information, you want to complete a Plan-Do-Study-Act cycle or two to gather information about the use of the pumps. Download the PDSA worksheet from the Readings & Resources link. Complete a PDSA cycle (or two) on the above scenario. Fill in the worksheet, answering all of the questions from page 2. PDSA Module 4 DB Objective: Complete training of ALL nurses on the unit for anticipated arrival of new IV pumps on Monday. 1. Plan: Plan the test, including a plan for collecting data. Questions and predictions: • Have all the nurses been trained on the IV pump? • Are they comfortable with using the new pump come Monday? Who, what, where, when: Who: All nursing staff on the unit What: Training on the new IV pumps When: Friday, Saturday and Sunday; before roll out on Monday Where: Educational room on unit Plan for collecting data: Have easy to follow instructions readily available. Are the on screen commands easy to follow? ________________________________________________________________________ 2. Do: Run the test on a small scale. Describe what happened. What data did you collect? What observations did you make? Have one nurse at a time go through the IV pump and other nurses need to follow along or have an “air” IV pump that they are practicing on until their turn with an actual pump. How comfortable are the nurses with the use/ease of the pump? Are there any medications missing that should be programmed in to allow faster set-up? Some of the nurses find the functionality of the pump a little difficult to navigate. ________________________________________________________________________ 3. Study: Analyze the results and compare them to your predictions. Summarize and reflect on what you learned: There were some nurses that missed the original training and needed further education and hands on training. As long as they understand the functionality and use of the pump it will get easier. With any change comes push back, however in this push back we usually grow and adapt to change. Have easy, step-by-step instructions available for those nurses that need a little more time and hands on training. ________________________________________________________________________ 4. Act: Based on what you learned from the test, make a plan for your next step. Determine what modifications you should make — adapt, adopt, or abandon: For those nurses that are comfortable with the pump, allow them to go first on the final run through, therefore this will give the other nurses who are not a familiar with the pump additional time with the pump. By Sunday ALL nurses should have gone through the training and stated any concerns they have so these can be addressed prior to implementation Monday. Adapt and Adopt new pumps on Monday.

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