NR452 Career Planning

***I am a nursing student that graduates in March with a BSN in nursing. This paper needs to come from that standpoint. (THE RUBRIC HAS TO BE FOLLOWED PLEASE SEE UPLOADED ATTACHMENT)

I already have my BLS (required by my school), PALS (offered from my school) and ACLS certification (got it done because i wanted it on my resume). Therefore, this paper is a way to elaborate on my future plans. The specialty that I would love to work in is in the intensive care unit (ICU), so that would be my goal. So the proper steps in achieving that goal need to be researched and listed as there are several new graduate residency programs within these hospitals that hire newly graduated students. You need to list Cleveland Clinic in Weston, FL as well as Memorial West Hospital in Pembroke Pines, FL and Memorial Reginal hospital are my three prospective hospitals that I plan on applying to.***

Impeccable knowledge of APA 6th edition. 4‐7 page essay that includes the following components in this order: Transition into the Professional Nursing Role: Identify actions to be considered in the transition from student to BSN graduate nurse including: o Identify the state in which the student is seeking employment (which is Florida). oDetail a minimum of three (3) criteria set forth by the Florida Board of Nursing for obtaining an RN license. oConduct a new BSN graduate job search in a 30 mile radius of where the student lives or plans to relocate. § Provide the details of what is required to submit an application for hire for the top two choices of employment. • Holistic Life Balance: Provide a description of the ways in which the student intends to maintain holistic balance in their personal life as well as in the role of professional nurse within the first year and at five years. Stressors and Challenges: Identify known stressors and anticipated challenges as well as plans for managing each of them within the first year and at five years. • Lifelong Learning: Determine a plan for lifelong learning and educational development anticipated within the first year and at five years. o This plan can include, but is not limited to, specialty certification, advanced nursing education, and the pursuit of formal education outside of the nursing discipline. • Professional Contributions: Summarize plans for contributing to at least one professional nursing community as well as the student’s general community in the healthcare professional role within the first year and at five years • Scholarly Resources: o A minimum of four (4) peer‐reviewed scholarly sources are required in support of this assignment. oA minimum of one (1) professional nursing organization website or Board of Nursing website is required in support of this assignment. PREPARING THE ASSIGNMENT • Maximum of 4‐8 pages including the title page and the reference page. • Students may find the following list of resources helpful in completing the assignment: o American Nurses Credentialing Center at o Board of Nursing Contact at‐bon.htm o Holistic Nursing at‐Us/What‐is‐Holistic‐Nursing o National Council of State Boards of Nursing at o Nursing Community at o Robert Wood Johnson Foundation at o Sigma Theta Tau International at • The sources cited both in text and on the reference page for this assignment will be formatted according APA 6th edition guidelines.


Uses clear and correct grammar. · Uses proper sentence structure and flow. · Adheres to all APA 6th edition formatting guidelines for title page, margins, and in‐ text citations.


In regards to what was uploaded, use that and please revise according to these suggestions.

Nursing career planning:

· Rewrite it all to include:

o Short hook/topic sentence

o Be precise

o One sentence per section to cover

o Good conclusion

· Do not:

o Regurgitate the syllabus

o Be broad

o Mix up tenses

o Switch point of view


Transition to nursing profession:

o Short, interesting topic sentence

o A point/fact and an explanation of how it affects you/your plans (this should be at least two sentences apiece)



Requirements for a nursing professional in florida:

o A shorter introduction

o Reasons who Cleveland clinic is your dream (more than one point)

o Take out your opinions on hiring practices


Holistic life balance for work and life:

o Short introduction

o Check your word choice

o Separate each topic/organize so that each choice and explanation are arranged whether by importance, chronological order, or relation to the next

o ‘gazetted’ is not a word


Potential stressors and challenges:

o Specific points

o Clearer, more concise explanations

o Use key terms


Plan for lifelong learning:


o Do not use ‘personally.’ It is not professional

o Do not use generalizations

o Be precise, concise, and well spoken

o ‘shadower’ is not a word

o Do not end with a citation if you can help it


Professional contribution:

o Do not start with a citation

o Condense certain sections. Select details to place there instead of long sentences and copious amount of I-me-my opinionated speech




o Who is ‘we’



Nursing career planning

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Nursing Career Planning

Individual career planning is essential in the transitional journey from being a student to becoming a professional in your chosen career. I can imagine that it will be challenging as a nursing student to transition from school to the practice setting, but with perseverance, guidance and mentoring from fellow nurses and nurse managers my professional development will be successful. In this paper, I will discuss how I will transition as a nursing student into the nursing profession in my home state of Florida and outline my goals for lifelong learning, career development and advancement. Additionally, the paper will discuss how I will aim to achieve balance including the stressors and challenges that I may encounter in both my professional and personal life.

Transition To Nursing Profession

Each qualified and registered nurse needs to assume an essential part in the nursing profession. Individual responsibility and due ingenuity is principal. Along these lines, one ought to arrange as needs be for self-awareness and improvement lifelong learning by taking part in testing undertakings and reports that will make somebody progress in his profession. I will have a consistent professional improvement that will be indicated by expert inputs and occupation examinations directed at the work environment every year. I will involve myself in challenging activities and undertakings to help me in developing and building up the professional skills and knowledge (Feldman, 2003, p. 38). At last, in all the professional practices and viewpoints, I ought to be guided by the rule of genuineness and integrity as per the nursing codes. I ought to work decently with no inclinations and have an interest in feedback, as this is the thing that shows me areas of weakness and strengths for professional development (Drucker and Institute, 2013, p. 13). I will be guided entirely by the nursing code of practice, ethical codes and work standards as outlined by the National Council of State Boards of Nursing.

I have to take into consideration the advancement of nursing as a profession to only my personal development. In each angle, I ought to further my studies so that I can do research in specific areas that will add the fund of knowledge in nursing and improve evidenced-based practice in the clinical settings. Every one of the components where I feel that I am knowledgeable and skilled I should record it as a strength and for weaknesses I will indicate them as areas for improvement. As a nurse I need to collaborate with others since I cannot work alone to improve the profession but also it will provide me with a chance to comprehend themselves better to give space for development and advancement (Harrington and Terry, 2013, p. 79).

This will happen upon successful completion of my BSN course at Chamberlain College of Nursing, which will be marked by my graduation. It is my desire to give back to my community therefore, I will remain in my home state and provide my services voluntarily as opportunities arise in various charitable events and establishments. This is something I may do as during the job search and application process at my desired hospitals as well as throughout my career. American Nurses Credentialing Center and National Council of State Boards of Nursing outlines that each nurse practitioner must have all the minimum requirements in order to practice in the state of Florida. The two regulatory bodies responsible for provision of professional standards in nursing, policies and professional codes of practice as outlined by the National Council of State Boards. The boards outline the following minimum requirements.

· The individual must have completed an accredited nursing program with the recommended lecture and clinical hours (“American Nurses Credentialing Center – ANCC,” n.d.)

· The person must be of sound mind meaning that they have to indicate a proof of this and have no mental or psychiatric disorders.

· Nursing Board of Florida or national board must have recognized the person as a member and have registered within.

· The individual must have no criminal records and should not have any standing convictions such as any felonies and/or other serious criminal activities. In addition, the aspiring nursing professional must have a certificate of conduct as given by the state of Florida (“Florida Board of Nursing – Licensing, Renewals & Information,” n.d.) .

Requirements For A Nursing Professional In Florida

It is a requirement for all the health care organizations to advertise any job opportunities in public so that they can meet the requirement by the State of Florida and the entire U.S. Any recruitment for a position in nursing practice must be free and fair and this should be done on the basing of the candidate’s professional and academic merits. Statutes of the state dictate how the job advertisement for any open vacancies should be done in public. All of the minimum requirements for the advertised position must be clearly indicated in order for qualified individuals to apply for that position (Drucker & Institute, 2013, p. 80).

Cleveland Clinic hospital in Weston, FL is one of my dream hospitals to work for. My experiences there throughout my clinical rotations have made an outstanding impression. Nursing staff and physicians alike create multiple learning opportunities beyond the average teaching facility. Once I graduate and pass my boards, I will be qualified to apply for an position in this facility. An applicant must show the level of capability they have, the scholastic confirmations they hold, individual characteristics and professional experience.. Since the open doors are aggressive, a potential nursing candidate ought to set up the most engaging report about themselves for the opportunities of being shortlisted. The application for the job ought to be made through the media in which the health care organization has prescribed (Harrington and Terry, 2013, p. 67). The application might be submitted through the health center human resource site, email address, postal address or physical dropping of the application to the organization. The procedure of enlistment ought to be on the basis of academic and professional merits so that it can be reasonable and free. Nobody ought to be exploited with respect to race, nationality, sexual orientation, economic status and social background. Nepotism, corrupt practices, segregation and indicating support is profoundly debilitated.

Holistic Life Balance For Work And Life

On successful and effective completion of the enrollment procedure by the nurse professional and they have gone through all the required processes and they have finally been offered an opportunity to work in the facility, there are high expectations from him/her that they should meet. These might represent a test to a contestant as he/she thinks that it is hard to adjust work and individual life effectively without compromised any. The individual nurse should arrange their work schedule so as he just works as prescribed by Cleveland Clinic and has enough time for personal purposes and family obligations. There should be setting of priorities in the workplace to allow a person to complete his or her major obligations first and subsequently will not have extended periods of time of engaged in their professional duties. The work situations and balancing of shifts should be fair enough to allow the nurse professional to balance their personal time and workplace time so that they can live a healthy life free from burnouts and boredom. Amid ends of the week and gazetted federal holidays the person ought to set work aside if they are off duty and concentrate on social and family life. In doing so it will help a person to keep up a healthy lifestyle that will even allow for their personal and professional growth.

Potential Stressors And Challenges

The nursing profession operates much the same as some other careers, it has a few stressors and difficulties that each staff ought to be prepared to confront and overcome. There are some of the stressors that I expect to encounter which include workloads in the work place, strict due dates, working for extend periods of time or shifts, a lot of requests from the supervisors and adjusting family life and that of the profession at work. For me to conquer such difficulties, it is very vital to be an excellent time manager, consulting the relevant nurse manager or departmental head if there should be an occurrence of any trouble, I should have self-discipline as my operating principle, and looking for off when I genuinely need a break, going to workshops on time management and stress management. In addition is important to planning appropriate timetables, schedules for work, looking for assistance from managers will help me to manage the stressors and difficulties during my practice in either Memorial West Hospital or Cleveland Clinic.

Plan For Lifelong Learning, Personal Assessment And Development

Personally, in order to have a well-planned and fruitful profession in nursing or some other vocation there is a need of self-appraisal and leading a self-improvement plan both professionally and personal growth. Since most of us realize that nursing is about conveying convenient superb health care services, as a new professional I ought to be quick to learn and get coordinated into the operation of the hospital system as quickly as time permits in order to begin my profession on a high note (Zerwekh and Garneau, 2014, p. 105). The following are the plans and requirements that I plan to meet as a nursing professional:

· I ought to demonstrate excellent personal values, qualities and attributes that reflect my profession

· I should be equipped to embrace teamwork in the delivery of nursing care since working with others will assist me in getting the experience and career advancement

· I will be responsible and accountable for all the duties assigned to me and personally get involved in management of nursing services. This will prepare me as a BSN for administrative and leadership roles

· I will take as a personal responsibility for the improvement of services and operations on my workplace through evidenced-based practice and continuous education

· In the next five years, I plan to enroll for my advanced education in critical care and become an ICU nurse. This is my desired professional goal as a nurse in the next couple years after I have adapted and had enough money to go back to school.

· I will set my goal and objectives to be in line with Cleveland Clinic mission and vision, which advocate for professional growth and improvement of health care services to the patients.

Cleveland Clinic will enable me to develop professionally and advance my education since they have nursing residency programs. Cleveland Clinic’s Nursing Institute will enable me to enroll for their APRN shadows program which the minimum requirements for a shadower is being a registered nurse. They offer 2 to 4 hours shadowing program experience whereby you are paired with clinical nurse, nurse practitioner or a nurse anesthetist.

Each professional nurse must display proficient qualities in all practice setting of their career. The major concerns in any occupation are the capacity to exhibit individual qualities, grasping cooperation, endeavoring to enhance operations, health services management and in addition setting goals for professional development. Notwithstanding the above, individual targets and objectives and systems to accomplish set objective ought to be my am of as a new BSN nurse professional at my desired hospital. We ought to work as nurses towards guaranteeing that our individual commitment towards the general association efficiency is felt are recommended by both Memorial West Hospital and Cleveland Clinic. The hospitals clinical competency systems including the nursing competency structure assume a huge part in creating and managing nursing staffs in their demonstrable skill. The two bodies furnish staff with clinical education and assist nurses to develop structure leadership abilities (Drucker and Institute, 2013, p. 36).

Professional Contribution

Cleveland Clinic recommends that all nurses seeking to take their profession to higher level ought to have a self-evaluation practice for them to recognize their qualities, shortcomings, openings and dangers in our professional advancement (Harrington and Terry, 2013, p. 18). It plans to help a nurse to deal with their learning and advancement by giving them an opportunity to consider areas they have strengths and shortcoming. I can go for short courses and seminars that will update my knowledge and skills in my current area of practice. The hospital also offers departmental continuing medical education (CME) that enables the multidisciplinary hospital team to share new updates and standard operating procedures. This also provide a chance for evidenced-based practice since clinical decision support systems have been put in place in both my desired hospitals to enable the personal to make prompt and professional clinical decisions.

I am good at exhibiting individual qualities and characteristics both at work and in private life. As a successful nurse professional, I will consider my qualities, capacities, strengths and shortcomings in the provision of nursing services due to my BSN background for me to convey high standards and quality care. In order to accomplish this the accompanying must be set up; mindfulness, management of self, self-awareness and making sure that I am constantly guided by trustworthiness and uprightness. Majorly, having self-awareness implies a reasonable comprehension of my personal and professional qualities, standards, traits together with presumptions and the capacity to gain from encounters. This includes planning and taking care of activities while offering need to pressing and essential assignments. It additionally incorporates setting and building up calendars and timetables to guide myself while working (Zerwekh and Garneau, 2014, p. 33). It is a vital part of any professional to be a time manager and develop the art of planning for their time. Every single fruitful individual in their vocations are brilliant time managers. Having skills and abilities to manage time, I will dependably be prompt in conveying nursing services and doing obligations during the allocated time henceforth have room schedule-wise to concentrate on other hard undertakings that will hone you for further improvement.

I do feel that it is my responsibility to take the profession a step higher and in my area of specialization I will endeavor to mobilize my fellow workers to further their studies which is very important for professional development. Partnerships are required in nursing profession and this is fostered by working together with fellow nurse practitioners to deliver quality patient care. Being a BSN holder I will enter into the field with immense knowledge that I will need to apply in the practice settings for example if I’m hired by Cleveland Clinic’s ICU department I will apply the critical care knowledge and skills.


In conclusion, nursing as a noble profession must have proper planning and continuous education for all the new entrants. Despite having the motivation to develop professionally they must know that there is need to strike a balance between work and personal life and be aware that they will confront stressors and challenges in their professional practice when attempting to advance on a personal level and professionally. As a professional, I will face the stressors and challenges objectively and the plan for lifelong learning should always be part of my future endeavors. We must realize that it is through the challenges that we are able to grow professionally and on a personal level.


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