Acid-Base Case Study

In this assignment, you will create a PowerPoint to address the “Acid-Base Case Study. The PowerPoint should be 10-15 slides and contain speaker notes. Each of the following should be addressed:

Research and fill in the normal values for the table in the “Acid-Base Case Study” resource. Include the table in your PowerPoint.
What type of acid-base disturbance is Mr. Davis suffering from? Why?
What role does excessive alcohol consumption play in the acid-base disturbance seen?
What type of fluid or electrolyte imbalances does Mr. Davis have and why?
Calculate the anion gap. Is it high or normal? Why is it high or normal? What information does the anion gap give the provider?
Are Mr. Davis’ respiratory and renal systems attempting to compensate for his acid-base disturbance? If so, how are they compensating and what evidence do you have that they are compensating?
Explain the rationale for the low glucose level and high urine ketones.
Is the protein level seen in the UA abnormal? Provide a rationale. How do the findings relate to Mr. Davis?
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Acid-Base Case Study

Mr. Davis is 56-year-old male who has a past medical history of HTN (hypertension). Every Sunday, he goes to his favorite restaurant to watch sports with his friends. While making several trips to the restroom over in 1 hour, Mr. Davis complains of feeling tired and weak. He starts sweating profusely, his breathing becomes rapid and deep, his speech is slurred, and eventually he passes out. His friend’s call 911, and Mr. Davis is transported to the hospital. On admission to the hospital, Mr. Davis’s lab work shows the following values:

Mr. Davis’s Values

Normal Ranges

Sodium (Na+)

155.0 mEq/L

Potassium (K+)

6.2 mEq/L

Chloride (Cl-)

120.0 mEq/L


52.0 mg/dL













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