Ageing, cognition, and instruction

Ageing, cognition, and instruction: How does ageing affect the physical capacity to learn and how might the nurse educator design educational strategies which may enhance learning based on changes related to ageing?
Andragogical process models for learning: Knowles recommended asking four basic questions when structuring any learning experience for students of any age:
1. what content should be covered?

2. How should the content be organized?

3. What sequence should be followed in presenting the content?

4. What is the most effective method for transmitting this content?

How would you as a nursing educator of adult learners decide what learning experience and content should be given? How would you decide the most effective method of planning and instruction?

In answering the above, consult this link:

Andragogy in practice: based on Knowles’ theory of andragogy what are the outcomes of education during adulthood? Specifically discuss how nursing students may benefit from learning with application of andragogical principles. This link may help you:

– answer three questions in one THREAD

– One citation from a professional (book, journal) is a minimum requirement and should be in APA format.

Assessment 2 Instructions: Quality Improvement Initiative Evaluation