Answer 5 Question About An Assignment

I need 5 questions answered about this homework that I did, here is the instructions on what I had to do in addition to the work that I already did.

What did I do? (brief description of activity)
What did I learn from this activity?
How did this activity impact my development as a future nursing professional?
How did this activity address a specific Healthy People topic & objective?
How did this activity address the community health nursing course competencies and program learning outcomes?

Sentinel City Student Instructions for Family Support & Home Assessment CHN Spring 2021

Family Support Assessment (Part 1) 2 Service-Learning Hours

Nursing students will use the nursing process applied to the family as client. For this learning activity students will collect, analyze, and synthesize data from a variety of sources to gain an understanding of family strengths, values, and needs related to physical and social determinants of health to promote the health and well-being of the family unit.

1. Enter Sentinel City® and click the interactive map to locate the Department of Public Health.

2. Enter the Department of Public Health and walk into the interview room. Once you enter the room, the Family Support Assessment Form will automatically launch.

3. Complete the Family Support Assessment Form by asking the client predetermined questions.

4. When the form is completed, click “Submit’’. (Download the pdf and submit to Blackboard)

Apartment Home Assessment and Care Plan (Part 2) 2 Service-Learning Hours

In this activity, students will identify health issues or concerns that impact the family from the Family Support Assessment activity. The activity is completed by developing a final Care Plan for the family. Please Note: The Family Support Assessment must be completed before gaining access to the apartment.

1. Click the interactive map to locate the apartment dwelling in Nightingale Square. Approach the door next to the laundromat and enter the apartment.

2. Once you enter the apartment you will complete the Home Safety Assessment by noting any health, safety, and environmental hazards in the apartment.

3. There are several hazards in the home. There is not a limit to the number that you can identify.

4. Once you have identified at least six, prioritize the top two health, safety, and environmental hazards (total of six hazards) the healthcare professional should address first:

• #1 = most serious hazard, life threatening

• #2 = second most important, potential to affect the most people or cause long-term injury (Please Note: There are obvious overlaps. A health hazard might also be an environmental hazard. However, the same hazard should not be listed under more than one category.)

5. After hazards have been prioritized, then click the “Family Support Assessment” tab at the top of the screen and review the information carried over from the Family Support Assessment activity.

6. Then under the “Apartment Assessment” tab, provide evidence-based rationale for your prioritization of each hazard along with recommendations.

7. Next click “Nursing Diagnosis” to complete the final Care Plan.

8. Click “Submit” to complete the activity. (Download the pdf and submit to Blackboard)

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