Assessing and treating clients with anxiety disorders

Buspirone was chosen for this patient because of its capacity to restore normal function by balancing chemicals in the brain. The medicine is discussed, with the goal of reducing generalized anxiety symptoms and assisting the patient in relaxing and thinking more clearly. Although it differs chemically and pharmacologically from other anti-anxiety drugs such as benzodiazepines and other sedatives, its efficacy in the treatment of anxiety has been demonstrated in studies (Howland, 2015). However, when the patient returns with no changes in symptoms, the next logical step appears to be increasing the dosage to 20 mg daily.


However, additional side effects include dizziness, anxiety, headaches, and a dry mouth. These are some of the most common side effects of taking Buspirone hydrochloride (Mary-Irvin 2019). This suggests that increasing the dosage caused more harm than good because the effects were minimally reduced but the side effects increased. This, therefore, signifies that the medicine is a therapy failure and so it is appropriate to cease it and begin a different line such as an SSRI.

Ethical consideration and communication

The patient’s unmet needs are an ethical factor, and therapy will focus on good communication so that the patient understands the need for change at all times (Altis et al. 2014). After the patient has been educated on the need for change or the purpose of treatment, and he has signed an informed consent form, the patient’s autonomy will be respected and treatment alternatives will be provided. Effective communication tactics will be used to ensure that information about medication goals, dosage, and timing is better understood.



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