100+ Best Argumentative Essay Topics for your Assignment

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Choosing the Best Argumentative Essay Topics

After reading simple essay topics, students are still confused on how to begin writing an essay. This usually happens when the topic is too broad. A specific topic produces the best essay. By choosing a specific topic, you will receive a professionally written essay and reduce the possibility of plagiarism.

After going through several argumentative essay topics, you must select the one that piques your interest. You will be able to write your essay with much ease. Choosing the proper topic is important in writing and in getting a decent grade. We’ve compiled a list of the most intriguing topics, pick one and get started with essay writing.

History Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. Was colonialism advantageous to any country, and if so, why?
  2. What techniques should be applied today that Adolf Hitler used during WWII?
  3. Is Abraham Lincoln seen as a national hero by Americans? Why?
  4. Was the expulsion of Native Americans justified?
  5. Was it justified for the Soviet Union to invade Eastern Europe at the end of WWII?
  6. What was the cause of the Mexican-American War?
  7. What was the outcome of the end of British control in India?
  8. What happened as a during the American Civil War?
  9. Is Prussia’s goal of uniting Germany a success?
  10. Was Agriculture altered as a result of the introduction of the cotton gin?

Controversial Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. Can gay parenting have a negative impact on a child’s mentality?
  2. Is it possible to achieve gender equality in US politics?
  3. Is humanity prepared to communicate with aliens?
  4. Should governments restrict childbearing in order to combat overpopulation?
  5. What country is most likely to initiate World War III?
  6. Is it true that women are more emotional than men?
  7. Is human morality evolving at the same rate as technology?
  8. Is it true that computers make us smarter?
  9. Why can’t humans treat animals like they’re equals?
  10. Who has the authority to regulate abortion issues?

Law Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. Should the Federal Governance be permitted to enact rules with similar legal force as laws issued by legislative bodies?
  2. Should the House of Lords be able to veto the House of Commons?
  3. Should judges make decisions that serve society?
  4. Should federal legislation be declared null and void if they infringe the rights of states as independent republics in the Union?
  5. Should all states allow people to own firearms?
  6. Is the Supreme Court more powerful than the other arms of government?
  7. Should birthright citizenship be revoked?
  8. Should the Fourteenth Amendment be altered, and if so, how?
  9. What legislation concerning metadata collection should be changed?
  10. In what circumstances should a child be prosecuted as an adult?

Psychology Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. How do different musical styles affect a person’s psychological state?
  2. What are the dominant stereotypes of the twenty-first century? How have they tampered with beneficial behavioral patterns?
  3. What factors influence a person’s decision to purchase something? What psychological factors influence the purchasing process?
  4. What is the best way for parents to educate their children about gender stereotypes?
  5. In today’s world, what is moral responsibility?
  6. What are the most important aspects of a successful relationship?
  7. Which form of mental disease makes it difficult to live a regular life?
  8. What childhood events can have serious implications in adulthood?
  9. How can children with post-traumatic stress disorder be healed? Therapies for young patients come in a variety of forms.
  10. What exactly is cyberbullying, and how can it be avoided?

Argumentative Essay Topics on Literature

  1. Should retailers impose age restrictions on certain books?
  2. Are movies made in the twenty-first century crueler than movies made in the twentieth?
  3. To what point should films depicting historical events be historically accurate?
  4. Should schools utilize electronic textbooks to reduce paper consumption?
  5. Should nudity-involved paintings be censored?
  6. Is it permissible to bring children to the exhibitions of a photographer who performs naked?
  7. Do actors assume mental risks when portraying certain roles, such as psychopaths and murderers?
  8. reading more books or articles expands our minds, Explain?
  9. Is it a waste of time to watch television series?
  10. Do prominent artists have a natural ability for drawing, or do they have to work hard to learn how to draw?

Argumentative Essay Topics on Healthcare and Nursing

  1. Should healthcare be provided for free or at a cost?
  2. Should fast food, like cigarettes and alcohol, be labeled with a warning?
  3. Is it good to have a universal healthcare system?
  4. Should persons with terminal conditions be euthanized if that is their wish?
  5. Does the time people go to bed have an effect on their health?
  6. Must shopping addiction be recognized as a real sickness by the government?
  7. Are obesity causes more physical or mental in nature?
  8. Should staff members follow specific standards, such as hand washing, to minimize the spread of germs and infections?
  9. Is it necessary to provide free mental counseling to school-aged children?
  10. Is genetics more important than other variables in determining lifespan?
  11. Do a variety of things

Argumentative Essay Topics on Family

  1. Is it beneficial or detrimental to offer a youngster a treat after he or she performs well in school?
  2. Is it appropriate to push your child to study if he or she dislikes it?
  3. Is having a large family irresponsible? (at least five)
  4. When should parents allow their teenagers to test alcohol?
  5. Should parents treat siblings of different genders the same?
  6. Is it permissible for parents to read their children’s personal diaries?
  7. When should youngsters be introduced to gadgets?
  8. Is it necessary for parents to apply to particular institutions if they discover their adolescent child is using drugs, or may they resolve the matter on their own?
  9. Should parents allow their children to have plastic surgery if they don’t have evident flaws?

Argumentative Essay Topics about Education

  1. Is the amount of material we must learn in school increasing? Is this a good or negative thing?
  2. Is it true that homeschooling impairs a child’s capacity to socialize?
  3. Will college education be affected if it is made free?
  4. Will children stop learning if mandatory homework is abolished?
  5. Should students be taught about gender nonconformity and other types of sexual orientation in school?
  6. Should a student’s gym grade or attendance affect his or her GPA?
  7. Is it a good idea to use standardized examinations to assess someone’s knowledge?
  8. Should children be drug tested on a regular basis?
  9. If a child dislikes a subject, can the school administration excuse him or her from studying it on the parents’ request?

Argumentative Essay Topics on Morality

  1. Is it ethical to reveal a secret to a person involved in the secret?
  2. Do paparazzi intrude on celebrities’ private lives?
  3. Is it reasonable that people without special skills become famous and wealthy as a result of social media?
  4. Is keeping a diary a good idea?
  5. Should we help the poor?
  6. Can a person file for divorce if their spouse is in a coma?
  7. Do beauty pageants have a negative impact on society’s moral values?
  8. Should women who can’t afford to live do an abortion?
  9. Is it morally permissible for a physically or mentally disabled partner to cheat?
  10. Is it moral to kill a murderer?

Argumentative Essay Topics about Technology

  1. Is it true that cell phones are dangerous?
  2. Will we ever be able to refrain from using social media?
  3. Can humanity survive without the Internet and continue to evolve?
  4. Is it worse to read eBooks than paper books?
  5. Should Digital content be more restricted?
  6. Will electronic money replace paper money?
  7. Is it true that having a constant social media connection makes people feel lonelier and more stressed?
  8. Do technologies that make housework easier, such as a robotic vacuum cleaner, cause people to become too sedentary?
  9. Who is to blame for the excessive use of abusive language in online comments (under blogs and social media posts, videos, and so on)?
  10. What effect does technology have on people’s ability to create?
  11. What is considered unnecessary Internet usage?

Argumentative Essay Topics about Society

  1. Is it a good idea to buy a lottery ticket?
  2. Is religion the root of all evil?
  3. Is fashion really that significant?
  4. Are feminists being too judgmental of others who do not support the movement?
  5. Is it better to study or work in a highly competitive environment?
  6. Is it true that life was simpler 100 years ago?
  7. What are some of the disadvantages of a democratic political system?
  8. What is cultural shock, and how does it affect our understanding of other people’s cultures?
  9. Should working mothers be given preferential treatment?
  10. Should there still be quotas for admitting people from minority groups?
  11. Is firing a fair punishment for cyberbullying?

Ethical argumentative essay topics

  1. Is it permissible to display naked photographs in public museums?
  2. Are parents exposing their children to too much internet?
  3. Do patients have the right to die by euthanasia?
  4. Do pre-employment drug tests violate people’s right to privacy?
  5. Is it permissible to use hate speech under the umbrella of free speech?
  6. Is animal testing required?
  7. Is the death penalty correct or incorrect?
  8. Is it moral to clone humans for reproductive purposes?
  9. Should beauty pageants for children be prohibited?
  10. Should consumers purchase products from countries that support child labor?
  11. Should hunting for the sole purpose of amusement be prohibited?
  12. Should schools and businesses provide more incentives for students to volunteer?


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