Discuss How Geopolitical And Phenomenological Place Influence The Context Of A Population Or Community Assessment And Intervention.

Topic 1 DQ 2
A geopolitical place consists of community boundaries, transportation infrastructure, geographic features, climate, vegetation, wildlife, homes, and facilities. These are all environmental factors of a particular geographic location that influence the quantity and quality of life for a given population. Constructed geopolitical boundaries are legal or political boundaries that include ZIP codes, census tracts, voting districts, suburbs, and school districts. Man-made structural boundaries include streets, bridges, airports, and transportation routes (Grand Canyon University, 2018).

Phenomenological place is a location that centers on history, culture, economics, education, spiritual belief, values, and common characteristics. These are relational or psychological locations where members of the community experience a belonging. Examples include a veterans group, church organizations, and volunteer groups (Grand Canyon University, 2018).

A community assessment involves researching the safety and quality aspects of a community to understand how the population, environment, and resources interact with one another. Subjective and objective information is gathered, using primary and secondary sources of data, to conduct a community assessment. The data and observations gathered focus on the physical, psychological, sociological, economic, spiritual, and lifestyles of the select population and reveals the general health status, problems, or barriers to allow the public health nurse to prioritize needs. The assessment process includes surveillance, screening, and investigation. Based on the findings, interventions can be put into place, such as referrals to help individuals and families gain access to necessary resources (Grand Canyon University, 2018).

Just 200-300 words APA format with reference supporting the discussion.

Discuss how geopolitical and phenomenological place influence the context of a population or community assessment and intervention. Describe how the nursing process is utilized to assist in identifying health issues (local or global in nature) and in creating an appropriate intervention, including screenings and referrals, for the community or population.

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