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Evaluate a current policy debate


Povide comprehensive and logically consistent responses in approximately 2-3 pages for each of the questions. 

NOTE: There is no advantage to answering more than 2 questions because I will only grade the first two answers sequentially.

Evaluate a current policy debate (e.g.; gun policy, healthcare, criminal justice, environmental policy, immigration, etc) in the U.S. Use a scientific theory and apply the scientific method to describe, explain, or develop an understanding of an aspect of the policy you choose.

Your answer must include at least the following elements:

(1) identify the question, problem, or puzzle;

(2) outline the theory that provides a means for evaluating the question and explain that theory like you are telling a story about the subject;

(3) generate a hypothesis that follows logically from the theory; and

(4) describe a rigorous test for your question    

What is the scientific method?

Why is valid and reliable research important for civil society?

How do we excavate the power dynamics of the knowledge-building process? How do we demystify research for the public? 

HINT: Make sure to define and cite all the terms you utilize in your responses.  *Your responses should be logical arguments made up of the following components: 

(1) claim: your response to the questions

(2) reasons to believe your claim

(3) evidence from empirical research to support each of your reasons;

(4) warrant (justify your claim with legal, ethical, philosophical, and theoretical touchstones [e.g.; 14th Amendment, the principle of least harm, etc]; and

(5) address alternative views on the questions and demonstrate that your claim/response is superior to the alternatives.

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