Company – Internal Assessment – a financial analysis

Note: Company is AT&T Assignment 4 – Company – Internal Assessment

The Internal Assessment assignment is the fourth part of your project.

Part A Using the most recent online information you can find–such as government documents, company statements, and other sources–complete a financial analysis on your company. Be sure to include pertinent financial ratios in your written analysis findings (at least one (1) types of ratios (Current Ratio) that are mandatory; three ratios of your choice.

Total of 4 ratios are required). Example are from your Finance course in the BAS program. You can decide on Liquidity Ratio, Profitability Ratio, Asset Turnover ratio as examples.

Provide in your written analysis specific good or bad ratios that help explain your company’s current position in the market. Provide analytical comments for each ratio and cite sources in the APA format. Part B Located and include a current organizational chart for your company.

Provide written analysis the current structure and if you would recommend any changes to the structure. If you do not recommend any changes, then explain why. If no change is suggested, be sure to discuss in detail why the current structure is superior to a competitor’s structure in the industry. If you do recommend changes, then created a second version of the organizational chart.

Create an improved organizational chart, followed by an explanation of why these changes would improve the company. This will require you to include a discussion on organizational structure and why your structure is superior to the one in place. Part C Construct the Internal Factor Evaluation (IFE) Matrix with ten (10) strengths and ten (10) weaknesses. Provide written analytical comments on matrix results and include figures and totals in your analysis.

You will need to submit original information about current strengths and weaknesses analyzed. (Do not use external documents.) Please submit IFE in excel format, however, the table should be added to your Word document. *Calculations are required.

**This assignment should include Title Page, Table of Contents, Body of Written Analysis, Reference Page and Appendix section. Please use the IFE Templates in the course content. Submit the APA formatted Assignment in one (1) Word document.

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