INFO321 MS Access Assignment

Access Independent Challenge 3:

a) Start Access and open the LakeHomes-6.accdb database from the location where you store your Data Files, then enable the content if prompted.

b) In Query Design View, create a query with the following fields in the following order:

a. AgencyName from the Agencies table

b. RFirst and RLast from the Realtors table

c. SqFt and Asking from the Listing table

c) Sort the records in descending order by the SqFt field.

d) Save the query BySqFt, view the datasheet, enter your last name (Sierra) instead of Schwartz for the listing with the largest SqFt value.

e) In Query Design View, modify the BySqFt query by creating a calculated field that determines price per square foot. The new calculated field’s name should be PerSqFt, and the expression should be the asking price divided by the square foot field, or [Asking]/[SqFt].

f) Remove any former sort orders, sort the records in descending order based on the PerSqFt calculated field, and view the datasheet. Save and close the BySqFt query. ##### means the data is too wide to display in the column. You can make the data narrower and also align it by applying a Currency format.

g) Reopen the BySqFt query in Query Design View, right-click the calculated PerSqFt field, click Properties, then change the Format property to Currency. View the datasheet then save and close the BySqFt query.

h) Copy and paste the BySqFt query as CostSummary.

i) In Design View of the CostSummary query, delete the RFirst, RLast and SqFt fields.

j) View the datasheet, change the Big Cedar Realtors agency name to your last name (Sierra) followed by Realtors.

k) In Design View, add the Total tow, then sum the Asking field and use the Avg (average) aggregate function for the PerSqFt calculated field.

l) In Datasheet Ciew, add the Total row and display the sum of the SumOfAsking field. Widen all columns as needed, save and close it.

m) Close the LakeHomes-6.accdb database, then exit access.

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