When trying to determine what type of research study is described in an article, which two sections of the article will give you the best information to make that determination?A.Abstract and conclusionB.Methods and limitationsC.Methods and resultsD.Introduction and resultsE.Abstract and discussionF.Literature review and data analysis
5 points

Order the following types of research evidence reviews in order of rigor from most rigorous to least rigorous: – 1. 2. 3. 4. Systematic review with meta-analysis
– 1. 2. 3. 4. Integrative review
– 1. 2. 3. 4. Systematic review without meta-analysis
– 1. 2. 3. 4. Narrative review
5 points

What types of information would help you identify a research study as quantitative? (Select all that apply.)A.Data is collected using such approaches as interviews, focus groups, and open-ended questions on surveys.B.Data is collected using Likert scales on surveys.C.Results are reported using numbers and statistics.D.Results are reported using themes and words.
5 points

What kind of study is described in the following excerpt?
Researchers are interested in studying the impact of living in a family where a child has been diagnosed with cancer. They collaborate with the oncology department at a large children’s hospital to identify and receive consent from families that have a child with a cancer diagnosis. Participants are consented and data is collected and triangulated using one-on-one interviews, focus groups, and surveys. Data is analyzed for thematic analysis.A.Quantitative researchB.Qualitative researchC.Mixed-methods researchD.Systematic reviewsE.Literature reviewsF.Cohort studies
5 points

Both literature reviews and systematic reviews are types of research evidence reviews. True
5 points

Which of the following is a type of quantitative research study?A.PhenomenologyB.Case studyC.Randomized controlled trialD.EthnographyE.Participative action researchF.Ground theory
5 points

What type of information would help you identify a research study as qualitative? (Select all that apply.)A.Data is collected using such approaches as interviews, focus groups, and open-ended questions on surveys.B.Data is collected using Likert scales on surveys.C.Results are reported using numbers and statistics.D.Results are reported using themes and words.E.Data is collected using surveys with fill-in-the-blank questions.F.Results are reported using a mixture of numbers and themes.
5 points

What type of literature may a systematic review include to be considered Level 1 evidence on the Melnyk & Fineout-Overholt levels of evidence hierarchy?A.Phenomenology studiesB.Grounded theory studiesC.Descriptive studiesD.Cohort studiesE.Controlled trials without randomizationF.Randomized controlled trials
5 points

Mixed-methods studies are a combination of which two methodologies?A.Quantitative research methodologies and literature reviewsB.Quantitative and qualitative research methodologiesC.Qualitative research methodologies and systematic reviewsD.Literature reviews and qualitative research methodologiesE.Quasi-experimental and program evaluation
5 points

The methods used in conducting a systematic review are specific and rigorous. True
5 points

Which of the following types of research can be categorized as primary research? Select all that apply. A.Cohort studyB.Literature reviewC.Grounded theory studyD.Randomized controlled trialE.Systematic reviewF.Controlled trial without randomization
5 points

What type of study is described in the following excerpt?
Surveys to evaluate nurse satisfaction, medical errors, depression and anxiety, and demographics were given to 5,432 nurses from hospitals of various sizes and geographic locations; some had nurses working 8-hour shifts and 12-hour shifts. Nurses were asked to complete the survey. Upon completion of the survey, nurses were invited to participate in video conference focus groups and one-on-one interviews with a research assistant by video conferencing. Survey results were reported using descriptive statistics, and themes were identified and reported from the data collected in the focus groups and one-on-one interviews.A.Quantitative researchB.Qualitative researchC.Quasi-experimental researchD.Mixed-methods researchE.Systematic reviews
5 points

Which of the following statements is true of narrative reviews? (Select all that apply.)A.Narrative reviews engage a highly structured and rigorous approach to reviewing research evidence.B.Narrative reviews provide a general background discussion of a particular issue.C.Narrative reviews require a rigorous, systematic approach to searching the databases for evidence.D.Narrative reviews generally review literature that support the author’s point of view on an issue or topic.E.Narrative reviews are a type of primary research.
5 points

You are forming a team to do a systematic review of the literature about interventions to treat post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Which of the following would be your first step?A.Critically appraise the literature identified.B.Conduct an exhaustive search of multiple databases to identify the literature.C.Identify an explicit, reproducible methodology.D.Create a clearly stated set of objectives with predefined eligibility criteria for study inclusion.E.Create a dissemination plan for your systematic review.
5 points

Randomized controlled trials are which type of research?A.Quantitative researchB.Qualitative researchC.Mixed-methods researchD.Systematic reviewE.Literature reviewF.Cohort study
5 points

What type of study is described in the following excerpt?
An interprofessional team wants to test a new intervention to see whether it will improve central-line associated bloodstream infection (CLABSI) rates. Subjects were randomized into either the intervention or the control group by pulling a slip of paper with either a one or a two written on it from a manila envelope (those pulling ones were randomized to the intervention group; those pulling twos were randomized to the control group). When the study began, the intervention group received the intervention and the control group received equal attention. Data was collected and analyzed using the Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS). Descriptive statistics were used to report the data.
What type of research article is this?A.Quantitative researchB.Qualitative researchC.Systematic reviewsD.Literature reviewsE.Mixed methodsF.Program evaluation
5 points

A key characteristic of a systematic review is that it contains a meta-analysis. True
5 points

In quantitative studies, results are reported using words or themes. True
5 points

In qualitative studies, results are reported using words or themes. True
5 points

In a systematic review with a meta-analysis, researchers combine the results of each of the individual studies to create a larger sample size (and therefore greater power), then re-run the statistics to capture the true magnitude of the effect. The single-effect measure calculated and reported when the results from all the studies are combined is called what?A.Summary statisticB.Power analysisC.Confidence Interval
D.Chi squareE.Pearson’s co-efficient
5 points

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