Nursing assignment

  1. a nurse is working on the pediatric unit. which assignment best demonstrates primary care nursing?
  2. what is the optimal nursing intervention to minimize perineal edema after an episiotomy?
  3. what are nursing interventions to promote/encourage client’s coping in stressful situations?
  4. which assessment finding would best support a nursing diagnosis of dysfunctional grieving?
  5. why nursing essay,
  6. which nursing action will best promote pain management for a client in the postoperative phase?
  7. how to transfer a patient from one nursing home to another
  8. what is the priority nursing intervention during the admission of a primigravida in labor?
  9. which nursing student would most likely be held liable for negligence?
  10. what is the priority nursing intervention for a client with severe preeclampsia?
  11. what is the primary focus of nursing care in the “family as context” approach?
  12. which is a true statement regarding the nursing considerations in administration of metronidazole?
  13. which statement regarding roy’s theory of nursing needs correction?
  14. which nursing intervention is appropriate for a client with a closed-reduction extremity fracture?
  15. which general nursing measure is used for a client with a fracture reduction?
  16. which nursing assessment finding indicates the client has not met expected outcomes?
  17. what purpose does block and parish nursing serve in preventive and primary care services?
  18. what type of integration is represented by a chain of nursing homes
  19. what is a characteristic of the primary nursing model?
  20. which nursing diagnosis takes highest priority for a client with a compound fracture?
  21. which nursing intervention would reduce cardiac workload in a client with myocarditis?
  22. what nursing diagnosis would be most appropriate for a client admitted with heart failure?
  23. which nursing intervention prevents footdrop in a client with osteomyelitis?
  24. for a child with a wilms’ tumor, which preoperative nursing intervention takes highest priority?
  25. which identifies accurate nursing documentation notations? select all that apply.

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