Nursing questions

  1. which assessment finding would best support a nursing diagnosis of dysfunctional grieving?
  2. a client’s chest tube has accidentally dislodged. what is the nursing action of highest priority?
  3. which nursing intervention should the nurse caring for the client with pyelonephritis implement?
  4. which nursing intervention is essential in caring for a client with compartment syndrome?
  5. for a client with an endotracheal (et) tube, which nursing action is the most important?
  6. following percutaneous nephrolithotomy, the client is at greatest risk for which nursing diagnosis?
  7. which nursing diagnosis would best apply to a child with rheumatic fever?
  8. for a client with graves’ disease, which nursing intervention promotes comfort?
  9. a client taking abacavir has developed fever and rash. what is the priority nursing action?
  10. nursing knowledge is based on which of the following,
  11. which nursing diagnosis takes highest priority for a client with hyperthyroidism?
  12. which condition is most likely to have a nursing diagnosis of fluid volume deficit?
  13. what are nursing implications,
  14. which nursing intervention can prevent a client from experiencing autonomic dysreflexia?
  15. which nursing action associated with successful tube feedings follows recommended guidelines?
  16. in a client with burns on the legs, which nursing intervention helps prevent contractures?
  17. which nursing intervention is most appropriate for a client with multiple myeloma?
  18. how long does it take to get a nursing degree, which client requires immediate nursing intervention?
  19. the client who:, a priority nursing intervention for a client with hypervolemia involves which of the following?
  20. which nursing action is appropriate when providing foot care for a client?
  21. what is the primary goal of nursing care during the emergent phase after a burn injury?
  22. which is an appropriate nursing goal for the client who has ulcerative colitis? the client:
  23. which of the following defines nursing bottle tooth decay?
  24. the nursing diagnosis risk for sensory deprivation is best suited for which client?
  25. which of the following is an inappropriate nursing action by the surgical nurse?
  26. a client’s chest tube has accidentally dislodged. what is the nursing action of highest priority?
  27. which activity is the clearest example of the evaluation step in the nursing process?
  28. a client has a bone marrow biopsy done. which nursing intervention is the priority post-procedure?
  29. what is the focus of nursing care for a newborn with respiratory distress syndrome (rds)
  30. which nursing diagnosis is most appropriate for an elderly client with poor dentition?
  31. which nursing care should be provided to a client who has undergone unilateral adrenalectomy?
  32. what is an appropriate nursing intervention for a neonate with respiratory distress syndrome (rds)?
  33. the student nurse asks, “what is interstitial fluid?” what is the appropriate nursing response?
  34. what would be the priority nursing diagnosis for a patient who is prescribed epoetin alfa?
  35. which client situation most likely warrants a time-lapse nursing assessment?

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