Principles Of Leadership

You will need to watch the ATI Video Case Studies 2.0 Priority Setting, and then follow the below instructions.

You must write 250 words (one page double-spaced) and cite the ATI video along with at least one other resource.

Writing prompt: If you were the nurse in this situation, which client should you see first? Identify the specific priority framework(s) you are using and the rationale for your selection. Make sure you list the order in which you will see (or delegate) all four clients.

How can information technology be used to enhance patient safety? Use at least one specific example.

This is shared only with your instructor. Minimum 250 words.

· No title page needed

· One full page typed and double spaced is equivalent to 250 words (your minimum required)

· References and citations should be scholarly, peer-reviewed (no blogs, WIKI, or other school of nursing website) written in Current APA Style

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