Refund policy

Read our refund policy to understand terms and conditions regarding refunds. Before you place your order, understand every detail of the policy. Contact our customer support for further explanation

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Refund policy

When our customers are dissatisfied with the service they have received, we have an active return policy that covers a wide range of situations. As a result, whenever one of our clients requests a refund, we are obligated to comply. Furthermore, if you are charged twice on one of the transactions, we promise a full refund.
If we are unable to locate an appropriate expert to handle the customer; however, this is a rare occurrence, the client is entitled to a full refund upon request. Nonetheless, we have experts from several disciplines of study on hand to help us avoid such situations as much as possible.

Past Due Dates for Delivery

It’s also possible that we’ll provide the task after the deadline. We’ll have to look into the claim and see if it’s true. Please keep in mind that we cannot guarantee a refund if the delay is caused by a lack of critical information about the assignment. We provide and guarantee a 100 percent refund if the setback was caused by our inaccuracies.


We promise a 15 percent to 50 percent return if you require modification and are unable to find a competent expert to complete the assignment. If you fail to submit the revision within the specified period, our manager will determine the refund amount based on his findings after a thorough investigation. Failure to submit the revision within the given time will result in a 15% return of the whole payment.

Work Quality Dissatisfaction

We also promise a refund if the client is displeased with the work quality, that is, if the work is not of high quality in the client’s opinion. However, the amount of the refund money that the client would receive is based on the conclusions of our manager’s examination into the claim. In addition, we require a plagiarism report as proof of lack of originality in order to receive a refund based on plagiarism.

The deadline for obtaining a refund is 10 days after the due date mentioned on the order form. We respectfully suggest that our customers present their refund request in a calm manner. Furthermore, with an open and active disagreement, we cannot promise a return. We do, however, welcome constructive criticism. In addition, we value client feedback and suggestions. This type of data is crucial and will aid us in improving service delivery.

The amount of time it takes to process a refund

The manager will have ample time to complete the request in at most 10 working business days. To make this a success, we respectfully ask for patience and absolute cooperation. If a customer requests a refund, the manager will make certain to undertake a thorough investigation to ensure that the request is legitimate. As a result, after determining the concerns, the manager grants the client’s demand. We also encourage our clients and prospective clients to contact us as soon as possible if they have any questions about the job.

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