Review the developmental history of an individual

Review the developmental history of an individual. Cover the life of an individual from middle adulthood.

Young Adulthood
Discuss the physical development of the selected individual during young adulthood. Were there observable changes in growth, strength, and physical functioning? How did lifestyle impact health?

Middle Adulthood
Examine the individual’s occupational selection and development. Did he or she settle into one career or change careers? How did the individual come to make these choices? Was he or she satisfied with the career? Would the person have chosen to do something different if he or she had it all to do over again? Did he or she have to deal with discrimination? Unemployment?

What was the person’s life outside of work like? How was the individual’s relationship with his or her own parents? Did he or she have to provide care for an older family member? If so, how did that go? How was the subject’s relationship with his or her own child or children? What did the person do with his or her free time? What leisure activities did he or she enjoy the most? What would the individual have done if he or she had had more free time?

Discuss the physical and cognitive development of the selected individual during middle adulthood. Were there observable changes in growth, strength, and physical functioning? Did the person have any major health problems? Did he or she have a great deal of stress? If so, from what? Did he or she exercise? What developments in thinking were observed? Were there changes in morals?
Discuss the social development of the individual during middle adulthood. Were the friendships of early adulthood maintained? Were new friendships formed? How was the relationship with members of the family of origin? Was the person close to his or her siblings (if applicable)? How did the person handle any “empty nest” issues? How did he or she handle Erikson’s psycho-social task of generativity versus stagnation?

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