Revision policy

Revision policy

Requests for modifications of all finished papers are welcome at our firm. Once you’ve received your order, make sure you go through it to see if we’ve delivered exactly what you wanted. If you are unhappy with your order, you must request a revision within 10 days of receiving it. You are entitled to limitless free revisions throughout this period until you are satisfied with the outcome. However, there are a few criteria that apply to our free revision policy.

Terms of revision

Our revision policy is governed by the following conditions:
Whenever you issue a revision request, make sure the instructions are similar to the ones you received initially. As a result, any further instructions will incur additional charges. If this happens, we usually charge a standard original fee of 60% of the price of the first paper.
If you are unhappy with the outcome of your order, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will make every effort to deliver the necessary revisions or amendments as soon as possible. Clients can submit a modification request by writing to us via the live chat system or via email. For easy record keeping, we usually encourage submitting requests in writing.

Modification requests received beyond the ten-day period will be subject to additional fees to complete the revision request. Requests for adjustments must be received within two days of the delivery date, according to our revision policy. As a result, any revision requests submitted after the 10-day period will not be granted for free. Individual scenarios will decide the price for revisions after the first ten days.

Even if the order’s deadline hasn’t passed, you can submit a request for modifications or amendments to us.

If the clients require a separate professional writer to handle the modification request, they must present compelling justifications. It is usually easier to have the revision handled by the same writer because they are more familiar with the paper’s needs than a fresh writer. It may be easier for the original author to figure out where the necessary changes should be made.

A revision request can be submitted after a single revision on an order that takes 48 hours or after two revisions on any order that takes more than 48 hours.

When students ask for revisions on completed papers, they must additionally provide a deadline for the revision. Students should also include explicit comments or ideas so that our expert writers can make appropriate changes to the original paper. All revision requests usually take 24 hours to complete. However, we still require a deadline in order to assess the paper’s necessity.

It’s worth noting that other revision requests from our clients are not covered by our free revision policy. Clients lose their entitlement to free revisions if their wishes are not met in this instance. Nonetheless, our expert writers strive hard to guarantee that their needs are met.

In general, our writers strive for complete customer pleasure. We make certain that we provide excellent input when developing our clients’ orders in order to match their academic requirements. As a result, we promise that all of our clients will receive high-quality services that exceed their expectations.

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