Week 8 Assignment: Personal Philosophy Of Teaching Part II

As discussed earlier in this course, your personal teaching philosophy is a work in progress. During week 8, you will revisit and revise your teaching philosophy that you submitted during week 1. As part of this assignment, you should evaluate your original philosophy and include a one-page discussion of how your thoughts and ideas about teaching have changed and developed during this course. Guidelines for revising your teaching philosophy and the one-page discussion are below.

Assignment Guidelines

Revised Personal Teaching Philosophy (3–5 pages)

Reflect on the teaching principles and practices discussed during the course.
What did you learn about teaching that you did not know prior to this course?
What stood out as important to you over the past 8 weeks?
Consider how you might expand, adapt, or change your original philosophy to your current perspective on teaching (or you may feel compelled to take it in a completely new direction).
Your revised teaching philosophy should:
Have a clear focus or theme.
Be authentic and personal.
Relay who you are (or aspire to be) as a teacher.
Exhibit genuine enthusiasm for teaching.
Clearly express your current teaching values and beliefs, and discuss why you hold those values and beliefs (whether or not they have changed).
Describe your current teaching goals (whether or not they have changed).
Explain the teaching methods or strategies that you believe are best (whether or not they are different from your original philosophy). Note: make sure the teaching methods you find best are consistent with your goals.
Incorporate any new ideas and/or practices that encourage a rich teaching and learning experience.
Be 3–5 pages, including the evaluation discussion but excluding title and reference pages; length should suit the context. It should be typed in Times New Roman using 12-point font and double-spaced with 1″ margins.
Be well written, using a first person narrative and present tense.
Follow APA (6th edition) format.
Have no any grammatical, typographical, or spelling errors.
Evaluation Discussion of Teaching Philosophy (1 page)

As part of this revised teaching philosophy assignment, you should include a discussion evaluating how your personal thoughts and ideas about teaching have changed during this course.

After you have revised your personal teaching philosophy, carefully review your original teaching philosophy that you submitted during week 1 of this course.
Compare your original philosophy to your revised teaching philosophy and evaluate the following in a one-page written discussion:
Have your teaching goals, methods, or strategies changed, and if so, how and why? Have your teaching priorities and/or perspectives changed or shifted, and if so, how and why?
Do you value different learning experiences, and if so, what are they and why?
Include any additional information that may highlight how your thoughts and ideas have changed or developed during this course.
Include references that you found helpful, insightful, or meaningful in the development of your philosophy of teaching.
In addition to the course texts, include at least two outside sources from peer-reviewed journals to support your ideas.
Your evaluation discussion should:
Be one page excluding title and reference pages, typed in Times New Roman using 12-point font, and double-spaced with 1″ margins.
Be well written, using a first person narrative and present tense.
Follow APA (6th edition) format.













Personal philosophy in Teaching

Yanet Galan

Date: 3/13/2020








Teaching is ideally a noble profession, and it can/ be best utilized with a friendly environment and good personal interaction since, for efficiency, a teacher needs to be in good terms with the students which can be achieved by creating a rapport.it is a requirement by the teachers to have their philosophies to allow them adequately dispatch their services. As a teacher am guided by my philosophy, which assists me in my teaching activities effectively and has led to a good relationship with my students; hence by being guided by their facial expression, they are happy and enjoy classes.

As a teacher am tasked with educating my students for a brighter future, and I usually spend my time either in-class teaching or in the staff room preparing for some class activities hence making it tougher to get time for non-school or non-teaching activities. As a teacher, I find it challenging to have time for socialization since the available time is during the weekends and school holidays. Based on this fact, it shows that a teacher is usually busy (Sachs,2003) .i I find it interesting to take part in extra curriculum activities, which makes the students more friendly. We can exercise with them for healthy, physical and well being of the mind especially guided by the famous quote which later became a proverb ” All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, All play and no work makes Jack a mere toy “.hence in my teaching philosophy I allow a lot of play and gaming to make the students active and avoid monotony and boredom.

I Am dedicated to Teaching, and I admit that it is a noble calling, which makes it a unique profession that requires daily interaction with the students and a close tie, which makes the teacher-student bond stringer. In my teaching job, I came to realize that students tend to believe what the teacher says hence making it necessary for teachers to be cautious about what they say since they can shape their future. As a teacher am required o be humble when in class or when in extra curriculum activities (Cooper & Travers,2012) .i believe that when am arrogant I would not achieve the intended purpose of Teaching and am likely to get negative result .when mentioning the names of the students usually avoid shouting to avoid causing fear and low voices shows a lot of respect to both parties.in class when teaching tonal variation so very important and avoidance of shouting names should be avoided as I do. When I practice humility can attract many friends, and the students would be able to air the challenges they face, and we can solve them without having lousy blood in between.

Learning and teaching activities are usually done chronologically in any leaning setting.it is a process that affects all the people involved .it is important to note that a student learns from the teacher. The teacher also learns from the student. Learning includes the integration and application of various concepts, including motivational aspects to the students. As a teacher, my motive is to complete many different aims, including motivating the learners to make use of their potentials and work at their level best.am tasked with the ability to master the field of Teaching. I make sure that students understand all the concepts I teach (Carr,2005) .i I make sure that I am a reliable mentor to them, and I ensure that they can comfortably air their voices in the school setting and outside. I have been practicing what I gained in college during my teaching practice, and I aspire to implement more and more. I have learned the importance if encouraging teamwork. Use of inquiry-based instructions, which boosts concepts understanding deeply. Posing random questions and adoption of technology in the classroom helps the students connect for the future


It is true to say that I have gone and passed through many ups and downs in my life, especially in academics. Challenges were there, which acted as obstacles towards my development academically. I have to disseminate my services via the use of group work, inquiry, and technology and avoid dependence on theories as to the only means. I have to take a lot of consideration for the outside world and not the classroom activities alone (Sachs,2003). My Teaching assists the students in having a better improvement in knowledge hence making them better off and improve on their understanding levels. For the current state of the world, I ensure it by technology integration of technology and learning and theory can develop their gaming skills, academic, and life skills.



In conclusion, I have come to realize that teaching is a noble profession and can shape the students for what they are to be in the future. Every teacher has what he believes in as philosophy and some philosophies as common to all. Shouting of names of the students should be avoided since it would translate to rudeness .a teacher should be humble and have a good understanding of his students .learning should prepare and equip the students for the future of the world as it keeps on changing learning in a classroom is a two-way traffic since students learn from their teacher and teachers can learn from their students.








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