Using an AED Adult Cardiac Chain of Survival Hearts Electrical System

Read the following pages in the American Red Cross Participant Manual: Pg. 35-47, 53-54 Skill Sheet 3-1 (Adult Only), Table 3-2 Special Situations, 48-52, Skill Sheet 3-4 (Adult Only), Cardiac Slides Watch the following Videos in the CONTENT Section of Blackboard:

  • AED Basics
  • What is a Defibrillator
  • Using an AED Adult Cardiac Chain of Survival Hearts Electrical System (extra) III.

Answer the following questions:

1) You come across an adult lying on the floor and do the CHECK and find that they are unresponsive and not breathing. You know that there is an AED available in the building and there are people around you. Please tell me, step by step and in YOUR OWN WORDS what you would do, according to the Red Cross CALL and CARE protocol.

2) Describe in detail the correct order of operating an AED and where exactly do you put the pad placement for an adult?

3) Based on the readings and the videos, what does AED stand for, what is the purpose of an AED and explain how it works on the heart? What is the name of the condition that would require you to use an AED?

4) Describe the correct order of the Cardiac Chain of Survival and explain what “links” in the chain you are responsible as someone assisting someone in this situation.

5) What are the general safety recommendations for operating an AED?

6) Why is it so important to get an AED on the scene as quickly as possible?

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